[WWI] bailing out

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Sat Feb 3 12:35:18 EST 2007

we know you too well, diego!  you're just trying to avoid having to 
explain that 25% hike in public transport rates.  :)

(when i imagine your day job it looks much like the latin counterpart to 
bernard's on the bbc's "yes minister", but mentally replacing said 
minister with the mayor of rosario, argentina's third largest city.)

actually, now that i think about it, this explains a great deal about 
you, mon ami.  :-D


Diego Fernetti wrote:
> It's that time of the year again...
> I'll unsubscribe for two weeks to take my annual vacations. I won't be 
> too far, however, and hopefully I'll recharge my modeling batteries. 
> 2006 was such a busy and eventful year! And it looks like this one 
> will be another thoughie as well, so I'll better take advantage of the 
> days off I get.
> In any case, for the next two weeks I can be contacted to my 
> alternative Email address, d_fernetti at hotmail.com.
> Thanks for bearing with me and my childishness, I'll promise that when 
> I return I'll be...
> two weeks older.
> D.

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