[WWI] Phönix C.I

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 3 07:29:25 EST 2007

More progress.

I decided that the fuselage needed widening - more so aft than fore.  I 
glued lengths of 0.040-inch-square plastic around the edges of the front 
part of the fuselage and 0.020-inch-square lengths around the fuselage edges 
behind the observer's seat. Then I sort of sanded at the join of the 2 
different-sized to eliminate the step. Not too difficult and of course, 
considerable filling and sanding will be needed to smooth things out.  
However, that will have to wait until I detail the interior. Also, I started 
painting the soft-metal engine and gun-ring.  After cleaning up the seams a 
bit and drilling out the openings for the pipes, the engine looked decent, 
especially after a base coat of dark grey. The kit supplies metal "Bits" for 
the 6 engine pipes but these are not really very useful.  I will use small 
lengths of 0.025-inch plastic rod, hollowed out at the ends.  To hollow 
exhausts, the best way, I've found, is to use a #11 Exacto blade and just 
twirl it around the area you want to make the hole - Sheperd Paine's method.

Don't know how much I'll get done this weekend what with soccer this morning 
and my sister-in-law and her children (my nephew and niece) visiting but we 
shall see!

Does anyone know where I can find detailed colour photos of the interior of 
a Phönix C.I? I thought they had some in Sweden who used them in the early 
post-WW1 period - maybe they're not around anymore.


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