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Fred Hultberg oletcherfred at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 2 23:34:37 EST 2007

HI !
  I got this from the large Scale Plane Forum. Keep in mind that while they do a lot of ot stuff, once in a while someone there ventures into good ol' OT planes. I cannot verify this, but here goes:
  I am posting an FYI simply because I have reason to believe 
there is little awarness that there IS a line of AM Acrylic Colors 
for WWI available here in the US via Direct mail order.  
There are a total of 66 Colors Including 8 different shades of 
Clear DOped Linen and some half Dozen Albatros Specific Colors 
both German and Austro-Hungarian. 

THey've been in existance since 1987 sold and readily availble 
throught Europe thru Misterkit in Rozzano Italy outside Milan.  
They've been well resarched.  They are as authentic as they can 
be for the period.  

We ALL don't build in this era but for those who are considering 
any one of the NEW Larger Scale releases and have sought out 
authentic colors for their profiles they ought to consider these 


  Happy modeling folks!
  Fred Hultberg(resident etching wizard, Fotocut)

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