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Yes, the HB-C.1 was the same.  At first I was irritated by this because of 
the need to fill this huge hole.  However, once I'd filled it with Milliput 
and the thing had set up, it was fine and very strong - much stronger and 
easier than trying to butt join a vac lower wing part to the side of a 
fuselage.  Aside from the strength issue, there's also the difficulty of 
getting both wings at the same and correct angle.


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>>  Half the fuselage is going to be made of Milliput anyhow because the 
>>lower wing is one piece and a huge "Hole" has to be filled where it sits 
>>under the fuselage.
>Same happens with the Sierra Caudron R.XI kit. Wonder if it's not preferble 
>to have molded the fuselage shells without the cutout at all.

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