[WWI] Flyboys DVD

sperry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Feb 2 11:18:25 EST 2007

> I got my copy last Tuesday, but finally watched it this weekend. Yes,
> the story is schmaltzy, and the Fokker Dr-Is are all red, and the in-air
> footage is over-CGI laden.
> But the few scenes with the Sopwith Strutter are worth the price of the
> I suppressed my sense of historical accuracy and actually enjoyed the
> film.

Whut Allan sez

I thought the French Squadron leader was a good portrayal of the real life

The 7/8 scale N.17s used in ground scenes were a bit painful with their
swept wings.

I have a 30 " Strutter done in #3 wing RNAS markings. I thought it looked a
bit short in the wing when I flew it. But some of the perspectives of the
Strutter in the movie had the same look.

The Biff was very neat and I wish there was more footage of it. One closeup
showed that I got the sheet metal cover over the rockers and exhaust
manifold right on my 38" Biff.

Bad history, but decent entertainment. I'll probably give my DVD to the
local library in the hopes a kid will get turned on by WWI aircraft.


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