[WWI] Flyboys DVD

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Feb 2 11:01:36 EST 2007

> But the few scenes with the Sopwith Strutter are worth the price of the

BTW I got a copy of the DVD for free about a month ago from a shady 
character I know (he reminds me of Vinnie, sometimes) Perhaps it was no A+ 
quality copy, but it looked good enough on my TV.
I plan to buy -one of these days....- the original copy of "The Blue Max". 
that will be well invested money.

> I suppressed my sense of historical accuracy and actually enjoyed the
> film.

That's so true. In any case, it leaves you wondering if Hollywood will ever 
do a quite accurate and entertaining WW1 story. Something like "Joyeux Nöel" 
but with airyplains.

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