[WWI] Old (Ole') Humbrol

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 2 09:14:56 EST 2007

I agree with Buz.  I brush-painted using Humbrol prior to getting my 
airbrush and they were excellent.  I hate to say this but Nigel is correct - 
in some cases the finish I managed using a brush was not distinguishable 
from an airbrushed finish.  Of course, when you have to mask, it's easier 
with an airbrush but a lot less convenient.  I would use Humbrol 
exclusively, except the store that sells them is 25 minutes drive and the 
store that sells Testors is in the area I generally do my shopping and only 
10 minutes away.


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>      I have been following this discussion about HUMBROL paints with great 
>interest.  I have been a
>dedicated user of HUMBROL paints for about 35 years and, yes, I have a few 
>tins left that are that old.
>I definitely like the older HUMBROL paints of 20 + years ago better than 
>the batches of today, but I am
>still happy with the overall results of the paint finish.  Yes, it seems 
>the HUMBROL paints of today are
>thicker.  In particular after the paint is once opened it definitely gets 
>thick in the can during a relatively short period of use.  For the most 
>part that is my only real "beef" with the newer HUMBROL paints.
>Actually I liked the "old turpentine" smell of the older paints! ;^)  I 
>hand brush all my models so the
>thickness of the paints does come into play.  But, I work around that.  I 
>have to, because I do not
>know how to airbrush! =:^O  I will continue to use HUMBROL until they 
>either go out of business or
>the product becomes tremendously "bad".  I hope neither happens.  For me.  
>The best Flat White
>paint is HUMBROL #33!
>4 ever HUMBROL!

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