[WWI] Old (Ole') Humbrol

pezo8481 at bellsouth.net pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 2 08:28:03 EST 2007

     I have been following this discussion about HUMBROL paints with great interest.  I have been a 
dedicated user of HUMBROL paints for about 35 years and, yes, I have a few tins left that are that old.
I definitely like the older HUMBROL paints of 20 + years ago better than the batches of today, but I am 
still happy with the overall results of the paint finish.  Yes, it seems the HUMBROL paints of today are 
thicker.  In particular after the paint is once opened it definitely gets thick in the can during a relatively short period of use.  For the most part that is my only real "beef" with the newer HUMBROL paints.  
Actually I liked the "old turpentine" smell of the older paints! ;^)  I hand brush all my models so the 
thickness of the paints does come into play.  But, I work around that.  I have to, because I do not 
know how to airbrush! =:^O  I will continue to use HUMBROL until they either go out of business or 
the product becomes tremendously "bad".  I hope neither happens.  For me.  The best Flat White 
paint is HUMBROL #33!

4 ever HUMBROL!


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