[WWI] Old humbrol wasRE: Hernan Meza is out of the office.

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Yes, I still like Humbrol, and in some ways the new paint is better,
it sprays better, easily stirred, and still has the nice colour
White is white and black is black
But at my building rate, they are more or less disposable, the old
ones lasted for ever, these get a skin on as soon as they're opened.
Brush painting is a pain. They are very like Revell paints I used to 
to wow about, so why should I complain?. Thanks Mark for explaining
the chemistry of it, lead in paint was good stuff but poisonous, I
guess we have to move with the times. 

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I'm not certain I can tell the difference because I had a 25-year hiatus

when I didn't build an models.

I use Humbrol now though and I think it's excellent.  I airbrush it,
with lacquer thinner and it sprays great.  I brush paint it and it
nice and even.  I don't know if it's thicker - I just add more thinner
I spray, and keep the brush "wet" with paint thinner when I brush it.


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> >Been painting the Pup at lunchtime today - good old Humbrol Enamels
>from the
> >paint box - these must be at least 15 years old (Never opened)
> >I'd forgotten what good covering power these had when brush painted -
>very good
> >pigment density, but also very fine.
> >Actually, I suspect they may be closer to 20 years old........
> >Dave
>Some things WERE better in the old days, Humbrol paint for a start.
>I'm not sure if everyone agrees with this, I'm not entirely sure
>myself, opinions?

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