[WWI] Old humbrol wasRE: Hernan Meza is out of the office.

Alec E. Adamyk aadamyk at hvc.rr.com
Fri Feb 2 02:27:11 EST 2007

I absolutely agree that the old Humbrol was better. I have some going back 
50 years and it is still good. It was bought directly from England as it was 
not available in the USA at that time.Try that with the new stuff, it is 
more like soup.

Alec Adamyk

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> Crawford Neil <Neil.Crawford at volvo.com> escribió:
>>Some things WERE better in the old days, Humbrol paint for a start.
>>I'm not sure if everyone agrees with this, I'm not entirely sure
>>myself, opinions?
> Hi Neil,
> I agree, the old Humbrol "authentic" range are the best paints I have 
> tried.
> I even have a 25 plus year old "HF6 chocolate" (a French color, I think) 
> that is simply fantastic!, the pigment is incredibly fine. Perhaps they 
> were more oily those days and while they may take longer to dry, you even 
> can see how the brush strokes simply desappear...
> Ivan

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