[WWI] 25th Aero Squadron

sperry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Feb 1 08:46:12 EST 2007

Diego & Rick

Thanks for the info. Specifically, I'm modeling Joseph Boudwin's machine. He
served primarily with No. 84 Sqdn, RAF as one of the Americans training with
the British. He transferred to the USAAC late in 1918 and started with the
25th Aero Sqdn in time to fly one or two missions just before and I believe,

I have a photo of Boudwin standing with a hand on a 2 bladed prop on an 84
Sqdn SE.5a, but no photos of him with a 25th A.S.. machine.

The SIA book on the SE.5a is one I don't yet have. I think I saw one at one
of the local shops. I'll try and grab it, maybe I'll get lucky with a
helpful photo.

I think a light spray of PC10 over the greenish covering will tone it down
into the acceptable PC-10 range without running the weight out of range.

I already ordered a 4 bladed prop kit. They are making CAD drawn, laser-cut
prop blanks that you laminate and sand to shape and balance.Maybe this will
be a good model to fly with both 2 and 4 bladed props and see what the
difference is. Exploring the flight characteristics of WWI airplanes is the
kick I get that makes the risk, (certainty), of a broken model acceptable.

In that vein and completely exposing my ignorance, which engines used the 4
bladed props if the Vipers used 2 bladers and was the engine type equipped
with 4 bladed props more or less powerful than the Viper? I ask because I
can use different battery packs to simulate a difference in power and get a
reasonably fair approximation of the performance differences in 2 and 4
bladed SE5as.....assuming I can keep from hitting something the size of a
planet with a 26 5/8" model :-)


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