[WWI] Anniston & other junk

wed317 wed317 at mchsi.com
Mon Apr 30 23:18:26 EDT 2007

      Anniston is a great repository of modeling skill. :0 

Seriously, I've missed all y'all.  I've tried to keep up here and there by
reading the digest whenever I get the time.  I haven't put blade.glue' or
paint to a kit since January.  I ended up with a long-term substitute job
when someone at the school "quit".  Right now I still have another year to
go at taking classes half-time and working full-time.  Changes are a'coming
though, I am told.  So I may have employment news soon.
    Other than that, I have been putting my 18th c. living history
impression(s) together, just bought my first firearm in twelve years, a .62
cal./20 ga. Fowler, and more to come. :)
   Houston took the ACT, and at twelve years of age.  (Yes, I'm proud.) He
got an invite to attend Vandy this summer.  Wish I was rich so I could send
him.  Worse thing though, is that he is building jets!  He is excited about
getting a 77th Highlander Light Infantry impression together, so all is not

Soon to be hunting on the frontier in Cain-tuh-Kee

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