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Michael in reply to Stephen

>Don't really know what things looked like in 1918 but museums have various 

I really hate generalisations but...the following has been posted here 
before, and also elsewhere (The Aerodrome) by people more knowledgeable than 

As an overarching generality, consider this.

British CDL is whiter, because they had access to as much high quality 
bleached linen as they needed

French CDL is yellower, because of the use of fatty varnishes not used by 
the British

German CDL is darker because their access to high quality linen was reduced 
by blockade

Russian CDL is greyer, allegedly because of poor quality materials or the 
fact that it wasn't bleached.

Take it from there - I suspect that British would be pretty consistent at 
the time of manufacture because of consistent supply, ditto French. German 
supplies became more suspect *but* by then the fabric was usually printed 

IMO only. And please note that I am not prescribing a particular shade, nor 
that it always be so, just a likely starting point

ALSO if the French CDL is coloured by the linseed based varnish, it's not 
*really* clear doped, is it?


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