[WWI] From Paul Carpenter

Allan Wright aew at unh.edu
Mon Apr 30 11:16:09 EDT 2007

I was trying to post the following:     "Hi Groupies,
Thanks for the positive feedback on my model.

For Sperry,
The CDL is a base coat of Vallejo "Sand". I pre shade the wing ribs and
spars with dark brown and then apply the CDL colour. Then I wash over
whole surface with avery thin sepia ink - I use Pelikan Plaka and I am
running out of this ink because it is no longer available here in
The key is to keep the ink from drying with any watermarks - just "keep
moving" with a moist brush.
Then when all is very dry, I dry brush with white oil paint - very
but enough to lighten the highest points - I apply this more liberally
the upper surface than the lower.
The roundels on the lower side of the upper wing are done with pastel
chalks, applied as a powder using a brush - hopefully this captures a
of see through effect.

I usually drill the holes in the wings for rigging so that all of the
threads go through the bottom wing. This just made me sloppy and I never
filled them in very well. On this model I drilled right through the
wing - I had to do a good fill job on them as they would be very
visible. It
was also easier to sand back the filler on the upper wing because the
surface is convex.

For Don, the cockpit coaming is moulded with the kit - Eduard do some
nice work in this regard. The wrinkles in the fabric however are carved
scraped out of the kit parts using small chisels.

Thanks all again for such flattering comments,

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