[WWI] Anybody want this?

Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
Mon Apr 30 02:10:16 EDT 2007

I have a kit for sale or trade:  It is a 1/48 Glencoe plastic model kit of 
the Austrian  Albatross D-III. This is the Austrian version of the airplane 
and has decals and color schemes for Ltn. Karl Allmenroder Jgdst 11, May 
1917; Godwin Brumowski Flik 41J, June 1918 and Fredrich Navratil Flik 3J 
August 1918. The kit has been opened but is complete. All the goodies are 
there in a plastic inner bag I provided.
I am asking $14 and I'll pay first class mail shipping to the USA or airmail 
to Canada. To any other country the buyer pays part of the shipping.
Or I'll trade it for any WW1 aircraft kit in 1/32 or 1/28 scale.
I got into 1/32 scale a few years ago and I will not build anything smaller. 
This is the last of my WW1 aircraft kits in 1/48 scale. I traded off my 1/72 
kits years ago.
Stephen Auslender 

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