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Sun Apr 29 19:53:46 EDT 2007

You may want to do a bit of 'mixed media' modeling on these large Revell
plastic sailing ships.  I find that the smaller masts (royals and
topgallants) tend to be too flexible in plastic.  You should be able to
shape and sand a piece of a bamboo skewer to the correct profile easily and
it would be more rigid to take the stays.  You also may want to put pieces
of skewer into the hollows on the two-part yardarms for the same reason --
similar to adding a wing spar on some aircraft kits.  The masts on these
large ships have separate main, topmast, and topgallant/royals masts,
though you mat need to cut away the plastic from the masthead bracket and
drill it out to fit the new piece.  You may find that you want to replace
the topmast length with a suitable dowel, as well.

My biggest problem when I did the 'Cutty Sark' kit was actually the boat
davits.  They were fairly close to scale, and so too flexible to hold the
required rigging correctly. 

Mark Shannon
shingend at ix.netcom.com

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> Thanks but my first thought is that I want to build something bigger. And
> have to agree with John that plastic looks nicer for a lot less work.
> A big plastic Thermopylae sounds like just the ticket. And this itch is
> a little itch. I can wait for one to come along at the right price and
> E.
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