[WWI] Next journeys - was back from Berlin

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Sun Apr 29 13:54:55 EDT 2007


A set of Junkers J 4 images are on their way to Allan for upload.

Regarding Swedish museums, I have been to Flygvapenmuseet and
the ones in Stockholm, but they are working on a new one in
Gothenborg - which I am thinking of visiting:

They are already giving guided tours there, but since I am not a 
Swedish citizen does it seem like I need advance clearance for the area.
They are having an open day on 7. May, maybe you can go there and have 
a look to see if it is worth the effort of getting a permit and spend
four hours on the train either way?

My new camera is a Fujifilm S5Pro, based on Nikons D200, but upgraded
with Fujis image processing.  A bit different from my previous S2/3,
and a lot of settings to try out.

Knut Erik

>Thanks Knut-Erik, I shall have to look into that airshow in Aalborg,
>we used to go to those shows years ago, they were terrific, I remember
>the last show with the F100 Super Sabre (apologies to Shane and other 
>sensitive readers), it went out with a bang, I suppose it wasn't really
>supersonic at low level, but there was a sort of bang, and I was ever 
>so impressed. I'd like to go to one of those shows again.
>What is your new camera?
>It would be nice to see you at the Swedish museum sometime.
>/Neil C.
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>I have decided to skip Finland this summer, in June will I be going to
>and Fliegermuseum Dubendorf, OT stuff include Nieuport 28 and Fokker
>Also in June is the Royal Danish AF open day at Aalborg with six
>display teams, probably nothing OT - but might be some great photo
>I did check out the web sites of some Finnish museums, seems to be
>possible to 
>do most of them as daytrips from Helsinki, but will need a lot of
>planning ahead
>so I don`t show up when the museums are closed.
>Fortunately most museums do have a web presence in English or Swedish,
>the Finnish language was forgotten by my family generations ago.
>If Jan or Mikko or other list members visit any of the museums outside
>this sumer, please drop me a line or post to the list as I might try to
>the museum round next spring instead - this year I had to settle for
>short trips to other museums and shows instead of being away from my
>for a week.
>All of this after five weeks of work in the North Sea, I will have a few
>with me for when the weather is too bad for production of data and good
>for me to be able to sit down at the work table.
>Regarding Berlin, I am sorting out the last couple of hundred images now
>it seems like my new camera functions OK - will try to get some sets
>over to
>Sanjeev for posting of the Junkers J.4 / I.1 and Taube in the

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