[WWI] Need model maritime guidance

Marc Flake mflake at airmail.net
Sat Apr 28 00:51:56 EDT 2007

ernie's looking to build a "tall ship."

I've never built a wood ship kit.  The tall ships I've built have all 
been plastic.  You can build a plastic OT tall ship if you do a bit of 
searching.  The German raider (merchant cruiser) Seeadler was a tall 
ship.  Armed with two 4.1 inch guns and captained by the legendary Count 
von Luckner, he had a very successful , if short career.  Sixteen 
vessels were duped into surrendering after letting him get close.  The 
ship was accidentally wrecked in August 1917 after operating for about a 
year.  Legend has it that a treasure chest full of gold was hidden 
aboard by the Count and was never recovered.

I think Revell produced a Seeadler kit back in the day.  From what  I've 
heard it has been reissued several times under other ship names.  Most 
recently it was kitted as the Gorch Fock (retail price of $20 in 2002). 
 I'm not sure of the scale.  I don't know if it includes the two guns, 
but if it is near 1/350 scale, aftermarket parts are available.

Revell also kitted the Thermopylae in plastic.  It sold for about $50 in 
1992.  It was in 1/70th scale, if I recall correctly.

Marc Flake, the list ship guy

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