[WWI] Monster Mash singer/songwriter dead

Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
Fri Apr 27 23:03:33 EDT 2007

Mark, that's great :-)
Did the kids believe you?
My kids always had trouble determining when I was serious and when I was 
just having fun.

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> On a similar note to your signature line, my kids used to watch the
> paleontology shows on Discover or PBS and ask me if that was the way it
> really was.  I'd tell them they got the colors and markings wrong.
> Mark Shannon
> shingend at ix.netcom.com
>> Really? Dinosours in WW1?
>> Nah, thats preposterous!
>> However, Dragons makes sense.
>> Sure, fire breathing flying dragons.
>> With pilots sitting in saddles just behind their heads.
>> German crosses painted on their little wings.
>> What a great ground attack plane.
>> Ok, Where do I get the plans? I'll scratch build one right away.
>> How soon will Edouard put out a set of details for it? You know, the
> saddle,
>> the pilots straps. the reins?
>> Then I can enter it in an IPMS contest so some self-important,
>> self-appointed-expert, really-pathetic blowhard can come up and critique
> it,
>> telling me how wrong the color and markings are, that's the wrong saddle,
>> etc. etc.
>> What fun we could have.
>> Stephen - I'm as old as the dinosours - the Old Geezer

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