[WWI] First Impressions: Rodent Be12b build.

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 27 19:36:35 EDT 2007

Yes, it is unbelievably homely -- not out and out ugly, I reserve that for
some of the Austro-Hungarian designs with those huge engine 'caskets'.  But
I imagine that, with the wings it had and a good engine, it would have been
a good interceptor.  Not at all maneuverable, but probably stable at the
altitudes the Gothas were using when it was designed.

Mark Shannon
shingend at ix.netcom.com

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> Ernest Thomas observed:  "This is an ugly airplane."  
> Actually, the only part of the machine that isn't -
> the forward fuselage - looks like an S.E.5a.  The rest
> of the B.E.12b reminds me of a classic exchange
> attributed to Winston Churchill:  Churchill, much the
> worse for drink, was accosted outside of his club by a
> woman who scolded:  "You, sir, are very drunk!" 
> Churchill replied:  "True, madam.  And you are very
> ugly.  The crucial difference between us is that
> tomorrow morning I'll be quite sober, but you'll still
> be very, very ugly!"  Why someone decided to devote a
> perfectly good motor to the B.E. single-seat airframe,
> rather than build another S.E.5a, remains one of the
> Great War's unsolved mysteries.

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