[WWI] Monster Mash singer/songwriter dead

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 27 19:41:41 EDT 2007

On a similar note to your signature line, my kids used to watch the
paleontology shows on Discover or PBS and ask me if that was the way it
really was.  I'd tell them they got the colors and markings wrong.

Mark Shannon
shingend at ix.netcom.com

> Really? Dinosours in WW1?
> Nah, thats preposterous!
> However, Dragons makes sense.
> Sure, fire breathing flying dragons.
> With pilots sitting in saddles just behind their heads.
> German crosses painted on their little wings.
> What a great ground attack plane.
> Ok, Where do I get the plans? I'll scratch build one right away.
> How soon will Edouard put out a set of details for it? You know, the
> the pilots straps. the reins?
> Then I can enter it in an IPMS contest so some self-important, 
> self-appointed-expert, really-pathetic blowhard can come up and critique
> telling me how wrong the color and markings are, that's the wrong saddle, 
> etc. etc.
> What fun we could have.
> Stephen - I'm as old as the dinosours - the Old Geezer

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