[WWI] Need help visualizing a decal

Gabriel Limon arglim at msn.com
Fri Apr 27 17:31:45 EDT 2007

The Datafile shows it with a light blue stripe, but as with (almost) everything OT, who really knows?  BTW, I would like very much to make this aircraft, except for my unsteady hands :-)

> From: a.bann at ntlworld.com> To: wwi at wwi-models.org> Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 18:14:36 +0100> Subject: Re: [WWI] Need help visualizing a decal> > > > > Go figure. He must have a steady hand.> > D.> > > > Indeed he must; he did a fine job on it.> Anyway, to get back to the original subject... it's also protrayed in the> datafile as having a blue stripe, not yellow. Or am I thinking of the wrong> aircraft entirely?> > Andy> > 

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