[WWI] Need model maritime guidance (off topic)

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 27 15:14:22 EDT 2007

I've recently had this itch to build a tall ship. It's not a powerful bad 
itch, but it is an itch. I'm considering this kit:


Has anyone here ever build one of these old Scientific ships? How do they 
compare to say, the big Revell Constitution or Cutty Sark? What did these 
kits retail for way back when, and what do you think a fair price would be 
for one today? I'd like to get something in my cheapskate $30 to $40 range, 
of course, but I won't even bother bidding if this is a kit that typically 
sells for a lot more.
And I did see a lot of other interesting tall ship models on ebay that I'd 
consider as well if anyone has a recomendation. On the assumption that this 
might be the last tall ship model I ever build, I'd like to build something 
worth the effort so I'm not too interested in the smaller scale ship models 
out there. And I'm not commited to any particular medium either, though I am 
set up more for plastic than wood.

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