[WWI] Monster Mash singer/songwriter dead

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Fri Apr 27 12:22:24 EDT 2007

> You are such a though customer.
> In fact I'm always in awe when I see those "Lamont Cranston, from 
> Middleshire, sends in pictures of his Fokker triplane made 
> with a coat 
> hanger and lots of nail cuttings". 

Lol... Have you been peaking in my "to do" stash again?? So I guess I won't
submit my Naglo made from cat droppings then...

Some people gets fun from 
> WW1 modeling 
> from the most diverse ways, Lego, Eduard Super Royal Elite 
> Yellow Thong 
> Class kits or even the old vacform and Airfis kits.

Hey, whatever turns yer crank. But don't expect me to take a Lego model
seriously though. The bricks just aren't in scale..


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