[WWI] Monster Mash singer/songwriter dead

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Apr 27 12:09:55 EDT 2007

> Yes, but only if they're properly rigged.

Then what if we post a horse race? (ba-da-boom)

>> Ray Rimell wrote a book on dinosaur modeling.
> He also publishes pics of WWI models made from Lego in Windsock. I rest my 
> case.

You are such a though customer.
In fact I'm always in awe when I see those "Lamont Cranston, from 
Middleshire, sends in pictures of his Fokker triplane made with a coat 
hanger and lots of nail cuttings". Some people gets fun from WW1 modeling 
from the most diverse ways, Lego, Eduard Super Royal Elite Yellow Thong 
Class kits or even the old vacform and Airfis kits.

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