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Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
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By the way, in the early days of the BC era (before computers) I would have 
done step 1, 2, 3 and then the first part of 4. I would have laid the 
masking tape onto a piece of glass or plastic, next I would have used a 
French curve to redraw the curves and then cut them out of the masking tape 
with a new Xacto blade. Then put the masking tape back on and paint.
Its the old  pre-decal era method.

Subject: Re: [WWI] Need help visualizing a decal

> Here is how I would do it:
> 1) Put a piece of wide masking tape over the decal area right on the 
> model.
> 2) With a sharp but soft lead pencil draw the design on the masking tape. 
> Soft lead so you do not have to indent the tape and make mistakes hard to 
> erase.
> 3) remove the tape and lay it flat on a piece of paper,
> 4) Now you have your choice of methods to finish the work.
> You might try scanning it into the computer, perhaps as a jpg file.
> Then put the scanned image into whatever graphic program you are using and 
>  > draw over it. Most graphic programs can make nice curves and the like (I 
> use AutoCAD myself  but that is because I am a draftsman and have it).
> 5) Then print it onto decal paper.
> Stephen
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> Subject: [WWI] Need help visualizing a decal
> I've been gnawing at a problem on and mostly off for several years now. 
> I've wanted to do a Pfalz D.XII in the markings of a Jasta 23b machine, 
> 1460/18. A Bob Pearson profile appears in the FMP Pfalz book at the bottom 
> of p.179
> The machine has a wavy yellow stripe with thin black edges running down 
> each fuselage side and crossing over the top of the turtledeck about 
> midway between the rear of the cockpit and the LE of the fin.
> My problem is how to make a decal of this marking. I'm not good at 
> visualizing curved, 3D objects projected on a flat 2D surface such as a 
> piece of decal paper.
> Normally, on an R/C sized model, I'd try eyeballing it, but the D.XII kit 
> I have is in 1/72, (Oh, the shame ;-) and even the smallest whip-a-diddle 
> is going to show up big time.
> Anyone have any ideas how I might produce an acceptable decal?
> BTW, I want to do this in 1/72 because I have a PE set that does the 
> radiator with the maximum possible number of very tiny brass parts, an 
> irresistable challenge to an old brass junkie like me.
> sp

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