[WWI] Need help visualizing a decal

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Apr 27 10:08:53 EDT 2007

> The machine has a wavy yellow stripe with thin black edges running down 
> each fuselage side and crossing over the top of the turtledeck about 
> midway between the rear of the cockpit and the LE of the fin.
> Anyone have any ideas how I might produce an acceptable decal?

You are relatively lucky... the rear fuselage of the Pfalz XII is almost a 
single curved surface (being the "spine" of the rear fuselage almost a 
straight line) So it would be easier to design a decal to conform to the 
rear fuselage surface.
I never used this method, but I recall reading about t in a modeling 
magazine. Once the fuselage halves are glued togheter but before the lower 
wings are attached, apply over the rear fuselage and sides a piece of thin 
foil. A bit of dilluted white glue may help to stick the alu foil in place. 
Once it's dry, get a sharpie pen and draw the artwork as you wish over the 
foil, taking on account some reference points, like distances from the rear 
edge of the cockpit opening, the thrust line, etc. If the artwork is 
symmetric, you only need to draw it in just one fuselage side. Take into 
account that curves meeting over the top of the fuselage have to be 
perpendicular at that edge, or else you'll end with a pointed shape over the 
spine of the fuselage.
Once satisfied with the shape (I guess that it may take several attemps 
depending on complexity) you can lift the foil "skin" and place it flat over 
a pane of glass. Trace the shape on paper, clean it from any wobbly lines or 
such and draw a mirror image of the first side, be that by tracing the 
cleaned up shape in reverse or with the help of a computer program.
Cut the shape in paper and try it over the fuselage of the model. Chances 
are that you have to make some little adjustments. When it's fine, trace the 
shape on stock decals paper, be that of the colour you need or airbrushed 
previously. Cut the shape on the decal sheet (you know).
You and add the black outlines with a fine pointed sharpie before or after 
applying the artwork on the model. I'd say after, because you can correct 
any bo-boos with the outline.

> BTW, I want to do this in 1/72 because I have a PE set that does the 
> radiator with the maximum possible number of very tiny brass parts, an 
> irresistable challenge to an old brass junkie like me.

You are a sick man.

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