[WWI] Need help visualizing a decal

sperry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Apr 27 09:21:41 EDT 2007

I've been gnawing at a problem on and mostly off for several years now. I've wanted to do a Pfalz D.XII in the markings of a Jasta 23b machine, 1460/18. A Bob Pearson profile appears in the FMP Pfalz book at the bottom of p.179

The machine has a wavy yellow stripe with thin black edges running down each fuselage side and crossing over the top of the turtledeck about midway between the rear of the cockpit and the LE of the fin. 

My problem is how to make a decal of this marking. I'm not good at visualizing curved, 3D objects projected on a flat 2D surface such as a piece of decal paper.

Normally, on an R/C sized model, I'd try eyeballing it, but the D.XII kit I have is in 1/72, (Oh, the shame ;-) and even the smallest whip-a-diddle is going to show up big time.

Anyone have any ideas how I might produce an acceptable decal?

BTW, I want to do this in 1/72 because I have a PE set that does the radiator with the maximum possible number of very tiny brass parts, an irresistable challenge to an old brass junkie like me.

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