[WWI] First Impressions: Rodent Be12b build.

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 27 03:57:45 EDT 2007

>From: "Mikko Saarela"
>OK, sorry!  I made a mistake very common in the modeling world. I took it 
>as given that everybody wants to build as accurate and realistic models as 
>possible, ie has AMS symptoms of some level.

It's ok. I've spent too many years not finishing any models because I wanted 
to build as accurate and realistic models as possible. The problem was the 
gulf between what I was actually 'able' to do and what is 'possible.'

>Ugly airplane? I do not agree! It's the Bf thingies that are ugly not the 
>Be ones!

Ok, the ugly isn't really an issue. I'd probably build it the same way even 
if I thought it was the most beautiful airframe ever built. That's just 
where my head is these days. To those who are happy with their AMS, I say, 
"Party On!"

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