[WWI] Next journeys - was back from Berlin

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Thanks Knut-Erik, I shall have to look into that airshow in Aalborg,
we used to go to those shows years ago, they were terrific, I remember
the last show with the F100 Super Sabre (apologies to Shane and other 
sensitive readers), it went out with a bang, I suppose it wasn't really
supersonic at low level, but there was a sort of bang, and I was ever 
so impressed. I'd like to go to one of those shows again.

What is your new camera?
It would be nice to see you at the Swedish museum sometime.
/Neil C.

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I have decided to skip Finland this summer, in June will I be going to
and Fliegermuseum Dubendorf, OT stuff include Nieuport 28 and Fokker

Also in June is the Royal Danish AF open day at Aalborg with six
display teams, probably nothing OT - but might be some great photo

I did check out the web sites of some Finnish museums, seems to be
possible to 
do most of them as daytrips from Helsinki, but will need a lot of
planning ahead
so I don`t show up when the museums are closed.
Fortunately most museums do have a web presence in English or Swedish,
the Finnish language was forgotten by my family generations ago.

If Jan or Mikko or other list members visit any of the museums outside
this sumer, please drop me a line or post to the list as I might try to
the museum round next spring instead - this year I had to settle for
short trips to other museums and shows instead of being away from my
for a week.

All of this after five weeks of work in the North Sea, I will have a few
with me for when the weather is too bad for production of data and good
for me to be able to sit down at the work table.

Regarding Berlin, I am sorting out the last couple of hundred images now
it seems like my new camera functions OK - will try to get some sets
over to
Sanjeev for posting of the Junkers J.4 / I.1 and Taube in the

Knut Erik

>> Next up is figuring what to do in my next break in June, maybe some
>> and museums in England or see if I can figure out how to cover
>> during a couple of days in Helsinki.
>The OT museum pieces that you probably haven't seen yet are 
>unfortunately in the small museums outside bigger cities and relatively

>hard to reach in a matter of a couple of days. And the Breguet XIV A2
>being restored and on display at the moment, I think.
>But let us know, and we'll see what can be done, Mikko and myself, if 
>you decide to come to Finland.

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