[WWI] First Impressions: Roden Be12b build.

Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
Thu Apr 26 13:39:44 EDT 2007

Ernest said about the Be12b, "This is an ugly airplane...."

Well, I have always felt that first,
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
and second,
there is not such thing as an ugly airplane.
However, I will admit that there are some airplanes that have left me 
rolling on the floor helpless with laughter.
"No its not ugly, its, its, bwaahahahahahahahahaha."
Is that the same thing as saying that an airplane design is just a lilttle 
bit ungainly? :-))

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> >From: "Mikko Saarela"
>>I noticed this first with my brand new Roden BE2c kit
> Which 'this' are you talking about?
>>BE12b kit as well and yes, of course, it has the same parts for the wing 
>>cellule and the same mistake too:  the inner pairs of the interplane 
>>struts should be wider than the outer pairs. These kits offer 4 pairs of 
>>similar struts of the narrow outer strut kind. Thre are - however- also 4 
>>somewhat wider struts with pitot tubes on them. I think they are usable as 
>>inner struts if you just cut out the tube detail.
> I wouldn't know about any of that. This is an ugly airplane and only has a 
> place in my collection because I want a complete collection and generous 
> Shane sent it to me for Secret Santa.
> I have no references, or even a cursory knowledge of the Be series, and 
> even if I did have references, I'd have lost them in the flood.
> I'm just building this OOB and will actively turn a deaf ear towards any 
> comments that would cause me to start modifying things and getting all 
> AMS'd over it.
> I also forgot to mention that one of my LG struts is broken on the sprue. 
> I could fix it but I'm willing to put Roden's customer service to the test 
> and see if they can get me a replacement by the time I'm ready for it. Who 
> has the address where I can request that part?
> E.
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