[WWI] First Impressions: Rodent Be12b build.

Mikko Saarela saarela.mikko at kolumbus.fi
Thu Apr 26 11:28:20 EDT 2007


I noticed this first with my brand new Roden BE2c kit and dug up my BE12b 
kit as well and yes, of course, it has the same parts for the wing cellule 
and the same mistake too:  the inner pairs of the interplane struts should 
be wider than the outer pairs. These kits offer 4 pairs of similar struts of 
the narrow outer strut kind. Thre are - however- also 4 somewhat wider 
struts with pitot tubes on them. I think they are usable as inner struts if 
you just cut out the tube detail.

The horizontal tail of the BE12b kit has been discussed here already. If I 
uderstood right, it should be the pointy BE2e type not the rectangular BE2c 
type coming with the kit.


> Broke ground on the subject kit tonight.
> More detail than should be allowed by law and what I've seen so far is 
> generally crisp, though there's quite a bit more flash than you'd find in 
> an Eduard or Tamiya box. Also lots of mold seperation seams. Some of the 
> parts break-down is needlessly complicated imo.
> And while I think I understand their thinking for the assembly sequence on 
> the instruction sheet, I found, after trying it, that it didn't suit my 
> style of approach. Or at least not the style I brought to the bench 
> tonight. Ymmv.
> E.
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