[WWI] laminating propellors

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 26 07:16:46 EDT 2007

Stephen said:
> Michael,
> I am not saying you should live in a bubble.
> But I still say one should use a whole lot of protection when using these 
> new chemicals.
> Look at Agent Orange, for example. The physical problems from exposure to 
> that chemical are coming out now. Lots of bad effects. I will not go into 
> the details but they are well documented.
> Sure I trust the assurances of the large corporations and institutions, just 
> like I trust the assurances of the tobacco companies.
> Use the CA and other chemicals.
> I do.
> But protect yourself.

I agree completely - why take chances with your health? It takes very little effort to put on some latex or nitrile gloves and a respirator and the benefits could be great.

Just for the record though, I try to avoid using Agent Orange on my models. Unless of course it's "scale orange". ;-)


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