[WWI] Back from Berlin

Jan Vihonen jan.vihonen at helsinki.fi
Thu Apr 26 05:41:33 EDT 2007

Knut Erik wrote:

> But I found that crossing a street on foot on red light is a big nein-nein!
I've heard that during the WWII, when most of the automobiles had 
already been requisitioned by the Military and the rest were immobilised 
by the fuel shortage, the people were still waiting for the green light 
before crossing the street in German cities. Ordnung muss sein! ;-)

> Next up is figuring what to do in my next break in June, maybe some airshows
> and museums in England or see if I can figure out how to cover Finnish museums
> during a couple of days in Helsinki.
The OT museum pieces that you probably haven't seen yet are 
unfortunately in the small museums outside bigger cities and relatively 
hard to reach in a matter of a couple of days. And the Breguet XIV A2 is 
being restored and on display at the moment, I think.

But let us know, and we'll see what can be done, Mikko and myself, if 
you decide to come to Finland.


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