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> Not quite certain what you're saying.  I presented 3 possible solutions.
> CA's not a new chemical - in fact it was used in Vietnam, as was Agent 
> Orange, and I couldn't find a study demonstrating organ damage etc. due to 
> long term effects of CA. Nobody has a real incentive to protect its 
> reputation since it's way out of patent. Like I said, use it in limited 
> amounts and take precautions.
> Of course, evidence has suggested Agent Orange has harmful effects. 
> However:
> 1. This is not true of CA to the same extent.
> 2. Nobody uses Agent Orange in modeling (I think).
> Limited use of CA in a well-ventilated hasn't been  shown to be harmful. 
> If you have a reaction to it, stop using it.
> Michael
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>>I am not saying you should live in a bubble.
>>But I still say one should use a whole lot of protection when using these 
>>new chemicals.
>>Look at Agent Orange, for example. The physical problems from exposure to 
>>that chemical are coming out now. Lots of bad effects. I will not go into 
>>the details but they are well documented.
>>Sure I trust the assurances of the large corporations and institutions, 
>>just like I trust the assurances of the tobacco companies.
>>Use the CA and other chemicals.
>>I do.
>>But protect yourself.
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>>>>Question to all, How many years do you think this constant use of CA 
>>>>will take off your life?
>>>Probably not that many, if any.  I found no evidence on adverse impacts 
>>>of long-term exposure.  And we're talking about modelers here who are 
>>>using this stuff for maybe a couple of hours a week.
>>>>I work with all sorts of resins, polyesters, epoxies, glues (like  CA) 
>>>>because I am a sculptor.
>>>That stuff can be harmful.
>>>>In warm weather I work outdoors - with a face mask that has two filters 
>>>>on the sides (not that silly painter's mask that does nothing but 
>>>>lighten your wallet).
>>>Right - full respirator.
>>>>Well, I started modeling at age 4 (during WW2) and began painting, 
>>>>indoors, with the old paints and glues and I now have a problem with 
>>>>shortness of breath. I wonder why?
>>>Well, it's hard to say because it's not a controlled experiment
>>>I know some folks have a bad time with CA but there are at least 3 
>>>possible solutions:
>>>1. Ventilation and maybe wear a respirator.
>>>2. Odorless CA
>>>3. Limit use
>>>Note also, that CA was used early on with a medical purpose. In the 
>>>Vietnam War, they used it to seal lacerated organs - it's hard to stich a 
>>>liver or kidney. The results were first rate.  Prolonged exposure effects 
>>>are hard to measure though.
>>>If it makes you sick, don't do it and try to not use it too much. 
>>>Otherwise, live your life in a plastic bubble without alcohol, tobacco, 
>>>knives, red meat, running with scissors etc., etc.
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