[WWI] mark IV tank book

rob rob at rob-stewart.to
Wed Apr 25 19:07:39 EDT 2007

What about a nail set?  It's like a center punch only it has a concave circular 
tip.  If you use it as a punch, through sheet styrene, you'll get circular domed 
pieces of styrene just like rivet heads.  Stanley makes one with a 1/32" 
diameter, which comes out at a 1" rivet head in 32nd scale, and a wee bit 
smaller in 35th.  I can'r remember what scale the tank is to be in.


Steve Cox wrote:
> on 24/4/07 11:44 am, Diego Fernetti at dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar wrote:
>> Steve!
>>>> You can make bolts by slicing a hex rod and sticking them on individually,
>>>> I
>>>> did this for a scratch radio tank conversion Renault FT17.
>>>> It does take a bit of patience though.  :)
>> I needed round rivets for the Mk I. I had sanded off those in the roof and
>> the front, plus I needed to add some inexistent detail around the sponson
>> edges. The latter are still to do.
>> D. 
> Diego! File off the corners of the hex rod, and there you are
> regards
> Steve
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