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Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 17:15:47 EDT 2007

>From: "Stephen Auslender" <auslend at snet.net>
>Question to all, How many years do you think this constant use of CA will 
>take off your life?

Probably not that many, if any.  I found no evidence on adverse impacts of 
long-term exposure.  And we're talking about modelers here who are using 
this stuff for maybe a couple of hours a week.

>I work with all sorts of resins, polyesters, epoxies, glues (like  CA) 
>because I am a sculptor.

That stuff can be harmful.

>In warm weather I work outdoors - with a face mask that has two filters on 
>the sides (not that silly painter's mask that does nothing but lighten your 

Right - full respirator.

>Well, I started modeling at age 4 (during WW2) and began painting, indoors, 
>with the old paints and glues and I now have a problem with shortness of 
>breath. I wonder why?

Well, it's hard to say because it's not a controlled experiment

I know some folks have a bad time with CA but there are at least 3 possible 

1. Ventilation and maybe wear a respirator.
2. Odorless CA
3. Limit use

Note also, that CA was used early on with a medical purpose. In the Vietnam 
War, they used it to seal lacerated organs - it's hard to stich a liver or 
kidney. The results were first rate.  Prolonged exposure effects are hard to 
measure though.

If it makes you sick, don't do it and try to not use it too much. Otherwise, 
live your life in a plastic bubble without alcohol, tobacco, knives, red 
meat, running with scissors etc., etc.


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