[WWI] laminating propellors

Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
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Question to all,
How many years do you think this constant use of CA will take off your life?
I work with all sorts of resins, polyesters, epoxies, glues (like CA) 
because I am a sculptor.
In warm weather I work outdoors - with a face mask that has two filters on 
the sides (not that silly painter's mask that does nothing but lighten your 
In cold weather I work indoors but near an open window with a fan blowing 
the fumes away from me to get lot of vetillation.
Modelers and craftsman and hobbiests are rather noted for ignoring the 
dangers of the new chemicals. We survived all that paint dope and "banana 
oil" and glue from our youth, right?
Well, I started modeling at age 4 (during WW2) and began painting, indoors, 
with the old paints and glues and I now have a problem with shortness of 
breath. I wonder why?
You ignore the dangers of CA and the resins at your peril. Use it but 
protect yourself. Some guys laugh at me when I say this. Fine, just make me 
the beneficiary of your life insurance policy and I'll cackle with glee all 
the way to the bank.
Old geezer Stephen

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>> Snuffling is my thing, I once stayed at home for a week because I
>> thought
>> I'd got the flu, it was just the CA, as soon as I felt better I started
>> hitting
>> the CA again, and got sick. Took me a week to catch on! I use a gasmask
>> and a stiff upper lip now.
> Have you tried 'oderless' ca?  supposed to cut down on this type of 
> reaction
> http://www.bsiadhesives.com/Pages/hobby/oca.html
> t

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