[WWI] Re Aberdeen

Hugh Beyts hugh at sensorydimensions.com
Wed Apr 25 13:23:20 EDT 2007


I am heading out to work again and will have a day or two in Aberdeen

meetings first.

Are there list members in the area who know of model shops worth

Are there list members who are familiar with the area around Cruden Bay?




Knut Erik<

Hi Knut

Years ago there used to be Sheriffs in John Street. I don't know if it
is still there.It underwent a metamorphosis when Aberdeen's status as
the oil capital of Europe was established and spending power increased
plus the fact that R/C appealed to large numbers of ex-pat Americans.

 Whole area is fantastic for birds (wildlife) which I seem to recall you
have an interest in, I would recommend a visit to the Ythen Estuary, not
far from Cruden Bay. Further a field , north & south of Aberdeen are
cliffs which are teeming with various birds though access requires a bit
of local knowledge. Suggest you ask local tourist information office
with specific requests and they will pass you on to the relevant local


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