[WWI] "de Havilland DH9" found in India.

Jim Bates airjiml2 at neo.rr.com
Tue Apr 24 19:59:38 EDT 2007

>The Me 163 references relate to the fact that the aircraft was involved in a 
>three way swap with the Canadian Aviation Museum whereby the IWM were given the 
>DH9, the IWM gave the Canadians their Me163 and the Canadians gave Guy Black 
>(restorer of the DH9) a Puma engine for use  in his 'flying' rebuild.


The Canadian/UK trade was that the Canada's NAM got a flying Bristol Fighter in exchange for a He-162 and the Puma.  Guy Black got the Puma for his DH-9 and the He-162 was sold on down the line to U.S. interests.  The off topic ME-163 was sold by the IWM to the U.S. interests in a separate deal.


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