[WWI] Rivets

Stephen Auslender auslend at snet.net
Tue Apr 24 10:42:24 EDT 2007

That right, I forgot about OO gauge.
OO is slightly larger than HO gauge.
OO never really caught on in the USA but it still has a following in England 
and other countries.
With the internet everything is really available at our fingertips. But we 
have to spend some time searching for it all.
Happy hunting.

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> For 1/72 you will have to ask for 00. This is model railroad code. H0 will 
> be too small
> Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar> wrote:  Douglas!
>> If you go to your local model railroading shop you will be able to buy
>> packets of scale rivets and bolts. I cannot remember off the top of my
>> head the name of the manufacturer
> In 1/72?
> Mordious!
> D.
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