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Douglas Anderson djandersonza at yahoo.com
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"Masochism" springs to mind. Maybe I am lazy, but drops of glue are good enough. Just the thought of drilling all those holes!
  Well, for my 1/16 project I will get some castings.

Stephen Auslender <auslend at snet.net> wrote:
  Hi y'all,
This discussion on making rivets has reminded me that one of the factors in 
making models is the technique. Not only do we, as individuals, have 
preferences in the types of models we make, and the materials which we use 
to make them, but the very techniques we choose are personal choices.
I hate the idea of cutting off little pieces of plastic and gluing them in 
place. The very idea of depositing drops of glue makes me shudder. But the 
act of drilling holes on a drill press and inserting pins gives me a tactile 
and physical pleasure. We are all different and we have our own preferences 
in just about every aspect of our hobbies.
We do not have much choice, at times, at our jobs so we adapt and cope. But 
this is a hobby and is meant to give us some pleasure and relaxation so we 
do make the choices that suit ourselves.
The good thing about an open forum like this is we can get a variety of 
different techniques offered up and then we can choose what suits us as 
The next time my wife wants me to go to the fabric shop with her I'll take 
my micrometer and measure the heads of the straight pins they offer there. 
Good thing I work in the larger scales as there aren't too many saucer sized 
rivets on WW1 tanks.

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> Stephen!
>> Has anyone thought of using common sewing pins for the rivits?
> Not me, as I wanted to make them as simply as I can!
> D.

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