[WWI] Rivets

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Apr 24 10:27:06 EDT 2007

> Its is not a bad idea to  go into a well equipped model shop and look at 
> all the different model hobbies they stock.

Here models shops are rare, and the amount of aftermarket stuff is limited 
compared to well stocked hobby shops in the USA. Heck, we're even less 
sorted than hobby shops in Buenos Aires. They have 90% kits and paints. Just 
recently the aftermarket parts are appearing, and those mostly aimed at the 
tank modelers (diorama accesories). A few weeks ago I was talking to a 
railroader that has to detail his trains with whatever he could find and was 
visiting our "static" model club reunion just to find out more about what we 
were using to add details and weathering.

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