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Model railroad rivits are made to conform to the scales of the trains.
HO gauge is 1/87 scale, S gauge is 1/64 (3/16"=1'), O gauge is 1/48 
(1/4"=1').  The other gauges include  G gauge which ranges from 1/32 up to 
1/20.8 so I won't go there in this discussion. Neither will I discuss N 
gauge (1/160) which is too small for rivets. Z gauge is too small for 
The link to Grandt Line Products is http://www.grandtline.com
if anyone wants to check them out.
Its is not a bad idea to  go into a well equipped model shop and look at all 
the different model hobbies they stock. Buy a few magazines and look at all 
the ads to see what is available. I've been making model railroads, ships, 
airplanes (static and flying), military vehicles, figures, cars, trucks, 
etc. for more than half a century and I find that one can take parts from 
one hobby and use them in the others.
Like they say, knowledge is power.
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> Grant-line I think they're called, Jim Landon used them for something,
> but if it's what I'm thinking of, they're not 1/72.
> /Neil C.
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> Douglas!
>> If you go to your local model railroading shop you will be able to buy
>> packets of scale rivets and bolts. I cannot remember off the top of my
>> head the name of the manufacturer
> In 1/72?
> Mordious!
> D.

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