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Clarence Wentzel cewentzel at yahoo.com
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Hi Graham,

I have been pleased with my method of painting laminated wood props.
First, I paint the prop a wood color.  I use Model Masters #1735.  Then, I apply thin strips of masking tape along the prop.
Finally, I spray a coat of a darker color.  I use Model Masters Leather.  A realistic appearance results.
Check out my web site at http://www.geocities.com/cewentzel/Oeffag.html for photos.
I build 1/72 scale.  If you build larger scale, you might want to also Future the prop and then add a light coat of oil paint brushed to show wood grain.


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  Anyone got any tips on how to paint laminations on propellors when 
you have 
  a shaky hand? I can't seem to get the lines straight and the idea of 
  a prop is daunting and fiddly.. Even at 1:48. Help?!

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