[WWI] laminating propellors

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 24 08:18:38 EDT 2007

>Paul said:
....and then overcoat with a clear orange or mix of
> orange, yellow and red.

Errr... isn't a mixture of orange, yellow & red just.... orange??


No, orangey red, reddy orange, yellowy orange, yellowy red, telly tubbies 
and a small omellette please.

It does make a difference really - I add red to orange if I want a darker 
wood effect like mahogany, or orange to yellow for an Albatros fuselage. For 
most props just orange is fine, though.

Hang on, that's clear as mud. What I'm trying to say is - for most purposes 
I use thin coats of clear orange to impart a varnished wood effect, but in 
some cases it's too strong an orange and I need to modify it to a different 

Can't figure if I'm being clear or just pedantic. I give up. Next time I'll 
paint it all strawberry and peach.

Insert here a smiley of your choice.

Paul T. 

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