[WWI] laminating propellors

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 24 04:09:10 EDT 2007


i use watersoluble pencils,first i paint Humbrol 63 as primer and with
sharp pencils i draw the lamination,
and if i don't like it i can remove it with water.Another simple method
is to use decal strips is the right colors.


Graham Rainey wrote:
> Hey,
>   Anyone got any tips on how to paint laminations on propellors when you 
> have
>   a shaky hand? I can't seem to get the lines straight and the idea of 
> masking
>   a prop is daunting and fiddly.. Even at 1:48. Help?!
>   Graham

Wot 'e said, plus after drawing in the laminations you can dry brush a 
suitable brown to give the *idea* of grain (not in 1/72nd, IMHO, but it 
helps in 1/48th and above), and then overcoat with a clear orange or mix of 
orange, yellow and red. If using Tamiya clear I find a coat or two of 
Klear/Future on top gives a realistically varnished wood appearance. Much 
easier and quicker to do than my long-winded description.

Then in many cases you can hide most of it with PC10 , CDL or Battleship 
Grey wrapping. Goood for the soul.

Paul T. 

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