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Mon Apr 23 23:18:30 EDT 2007

The song went: "They're coming to tale me away, haha, hehe, to the funny 
farm  where life is beautiful all day day long......"
And the song was in the early 60's.

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> Has anyone thought of using common sewing pins for the rivits?
> You can set up your drill press with a small diameter drill and clamp a 
> guide to the press table and drill the holes for the rivets/pins. Then a 
> dab of glue and put the pin in and when the glue has set snip off the 
> sharp pointy part on the back.
> Since these are small models and usually made of plastic one could get a 
> Dremel tool and the Dremel drill press set-up for it. Yes,  it would cost 
> a little money but how much do the resin kits cost these days? So one buys 
> one less kit and instead invests in a drill press and sits there drilling 
> row after row of teeny tiny little holes until one wife gets alarmed and 
> calls in the boys with the big net and they take one away to the building 
> with the rubber rooms. Modeling is soooo relaxing, isn't it?
> Doctors used to prescribe a hobby for the overstressed business man. Now, 
> however, the doctors may recommend a business career for the overstressed 
> hobbiest!
> How did that old song from the 1950's used to go? "They're coming to take 
> me away, away, away...."
> Stephen, the old riveter.
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>> Michael!
>>> That sounds like an unpleasant experience.
>> It is, like all modeling tasks, to some extent. Unless you are building 
>> with Eduard Super ZoomSpecial Royal Thong. Then it becomes a pleasure. 
>> Curious.
>>> I will have to think of a different method.
>> A guy-I-know(TM) shaves rivets from another kit with a hobby knife, and 
>> then uses it in the tanh he's building. Admittedly, the rivets look as 
>> good as from the kit where it's taken from, but it's an unpleasant AND 
>> expensive method as well. Grzes swears by pellets taken from water 
>> purificators, IIRC.
>>>  Not a real issue for me since I seem to be mesmerized by all these 
>>> unbuilt WW1 vacs in my storage bin.
>> Ohh well! Take that Cramercraft kit out. You know you like punishment.
>>> Yes, I am taking pictures as I go. Things are moving slowly because I am 
>>> trying not to mess it up. Also,  whenever I have a problem, I can phone 
>>> Bob Wheeler for advice but that leads to us wandering around off the 
>>> subject and I don't get back to the model very quickly.:) Still, it's 
>>> always nice to speak with him.
>> That's very convenient! I doubt we can call every kit manufacturer to 
>> chat about the product. What if we call Mr. Airfix and tell him what we 
>> think about that weird RE8 crewmen?
>> D.

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