[WWI] Aviations museums of the world - was Back from Berlin

Martín Héctor Afflitto Echagüe mhae at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Apr 23 15:10:22 EDT 2007

Dear K!!!.
 From Buenos Aires we are ready to receive you with a good roast in a
If you can, if not  in my house you will be welcome

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> Dame K!
> >Hang in there, Diego. I'm trying to book an Antarctica cruise for Jan  08
> >which will take me through Buenos Aires. And I expect you to move
> >mountains to meet me there    :-)
> I'm fairly certain that the Argentinian escadrille (Iván Ruchesi, Matín
> Afflitto, Ronny Bar et moi) would assemble in Buenos Aires to meet you and
> not only show you the Morón Airbase FFAA Museum, but also to greet you
> asado and good wine.
> Martín will pay for the damages. ;-)
> Of course, you have to smuggle me into the boat for the cruise for
> antarctica. I always wanted to meet "Happy Feet".
> D.
> I'm not sure if I can move mountains to meet you, since the terrain from
> here to there is flat as a table. Maybe we should order a few mountains
> the Andes? It's a long walk.
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