[WWI] Aviations museums of the world - was Back from Berlin

Diego Fernetti d_fernetti at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:58:26 EDT 2007

Dame K!
>Hang in there, Diego. I'm trying to book an Antarctica cruise for Jan  08 
>which will take me through Buenos Aires. And I expect you to move  
>mountains to meet me there    :-)

I'm fairly certain that the Argentinian escadrille (Iván Ruchesi, Matín 
Afflitto, Ronny Bar et moi) would assemble in Buenos Aires to meet you and 
not only show you the Morón Airbase FFAA Museum, but also to greet you with 
asado and good wine.
Martín will pay for the damages. ;-)
Of course, you have to smuggle me into the boat for the cruise for 
antarctica. I always wanted to meet "Happy Feet".
I'm not sure if I can move mountains to meet you, since the terrain from 
here to there is flat as a table. Maybe we should order a few mountains from 
the Andes? It's a long walk.

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